Why Join BB
My child is not interested in reading books

Probably he/she is not getting the right selection of books to stimulate his/her interest. Here at BB, we guide you to select age appropriate books, which are based on diverse themes.
I am looking for unique and great children books

BUZZING BOOKS can boast of a collection of specially selected books, based on various recommendations and extensive research. There are hundreds of books here, personally handpicked from around the world, ranging from educational to classics to wonderful fiction to multicultural books. You can get not only unique but also diverse selection of books under one roof. The books here are multi-dimensional, multicultural, with engaging illustrations and rich vocabulary.
I have no time for a trip to a bookstore on regular basis

No problem! BUZZING BOOKS is just a click away. Browse and select books anytime, anywhere, at your convenience. And the selected books will be delivered (and also picked up later) at your doorstep. No delivery/pick up charges! The service is currently only for Noida residents. However it will soon be extended to cover entire Delhi NCR region.
I have a hard time picking the right and best books for my kid and also keeping up with age appropriate titles

Leave all this research and selection work to us and you just sit back and relax. Here at BUZZING BOOKS, a lot of effort has gone into selecting the right and best books for children. The entire collection of books here is exclusive and ‘must read’ for children. Not only this, each book is given a specific recommended age range, according to its readability and understanding. The larger age in the age range is to specify that a child of that age can read the book on its own; whereas the smaller age specifies that the parent may have to follow a “read with” policy. For example, a book displaying an age range of 4-8 years means a child of 8 years can read and also comprehend the book easily on its own; whereas a child of 4 years of age may require the parent to read the book along with him and/or help him comprehend the story.
I have no place to store/Stack the old books

But please do not let your kid read less due to less space.BUZZING BOOKS understands this very well. And that’s why we have come up with this library concept (circulation of books), so as to make children read right, read more and help the parents to raise a smart reader! Here your child can read as many books as he/she wants without you worrying where to stack the used books.
Children books are costly; buying a lot of them do not work well with my budget

BUZZING BOOKS is the perfect alternative to buying children’s books, which can be an expensive affair. BUZZING BOOKS exposes your child to a huge variety of books of ‘high-quality books’ for a fraction of the cost of buying them.

If you have experienced any of the above problems, then you have landed at the right place. BUZZING BOOKS is the answer for all your reading and books related woes.