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Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: Old School

Though Jeff Kinney’s The Long Haul [5/5] was better, this book has equally a great plot and there are surprises along the way as you read it.   This book features the diary of a boy, whose name is Greg.  Greg’s Mom tells him that in this generation everyone has their n oses two inches from the screen and nobody is interacting with anyone, and in her time, everyone used to play outside, interact with everyone in town, and it was like one huge family.

But Greg isn’t cut with all this nonsense, and says that everyone is entitled a private life, and modern life has its own conveniences.  He prefers to be in a movie camp in the vacation instead of suffering outdoors in the old- fashioned way.index

Greg’s Mom gets fed up one day due to Greg’s overuse of technology and starts a petition and asked people to sign it in which they have to voluntarily unplug and go electronics-free for 48 hours. She needs 100 signatures before she can take it to the town hall. The whole town soon unplugs , much to Greg’s despair.

The other thing that happens is that Greg’s Grandpa moves to Greg’s house because of the increase in the rent of Leisure Towers, the old-age home where he lived, which he couldn’t afford.  Since the time Grandpa moved in, Greg’s dad, Frank starts acting strangely.  He nearly loses his temper and restricts everyone by putting security cameras here and there.  Greg’s Grandpa also goes out of control at times.

Greg’s elder brother, Rodrick gets a job at an ice-cream parlour as a following event.

Greg and his friend, Rowley make a lemonade stand as a fundraiser business for themselves, but because of incorrect methods,   they end up cleaning the town park for FREE as a result.

Greg  damages his dad’s car by a mistake, when his dad is away, and goes to a camp in a farm where he has to live in miserable conditions to escape from his dad, at least for sometime, till his dad is calm again or at least a little less angry The rumor of Silas Scratch, a frightening farmer in the camp, is also freezing everyone.

Overall it is a good book, it has great illustrations, like a real diary, with excitements and surprises around the corner on what happens next. Observe how Greg and other people survive in the electronics-free world  and how Greg improves his grades this time!

(This book review is written by Aravinda Venkatesan. He is studying in class 7th,  G.D.Goenka School, Indirapbbloguram, Ghaziabad. His hobbies include reading fiction, encyclopaedia, playing x box, and watching 3D films. He has written a book,’The Hunt for the Golden Cup’ which is yet to be published. I am sure his parents must be so proud of the literary achievements of their son. Aravinda is a voracious reader at our BuzzingBooks Library.)

Dear Aravinda, I would like to compliment you upon your comprehensive review and insightful comments about this book. We and many other young readers would like to hear from you again. All the best for a bright future you are so deserving of.