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Book Review: The Womb of Brahma

This book is full of intriguing cosmological adventures. It is an amazing journey of 2 astrophysicists Anu and Naren; rather ‘amazing’ is an understatement. It is an exhilarating journey into the space, cruising amidst different planets and stars and galaxies and then falling back into the throes of ancient history. This book must have required an extensive research not only upon the subject of Astrophysics and Space Science but also upon ancient history and Hindu mythology. Kudos to the author for that.

I really liked the author’s concept of narrating this fascinating story against the interwoven backdrop of History & Future. Not only has the author brought alive both mythology and history but also taken a step further giving them a futuristic perspective. Both SPACE & TIME seem to blur in this book. It’s like a chromatography of time lines. Time seems to be fluid when I was inside this book. The first half of the book is about building up the concept of the complicated plots; the second half is exciting and racy. One just need to catch the book through the few initial pages and then the book catches you. It’s difficult to put it down towards the end.images

As the founder and director of BuzzingBooks Children’s Online Book Rental, I would like to congratulate the author and my friend, Dr. Mithin Aachi on writing this remarkable historical science fiction. I would also like to request the author to convert this book into a graphic novel. It would be a hit among young readers.

Some of my favourite lines from the book:

“Living in a finite world amidst infinity my consciousness found its muse. The promise of an adventure, a journey to unravel the meaning of existence stares me in the eye and mocks my intellect every night.”

“A cocooned finiteness in an infinite sphere makes me restless to seek beauty and meaning.”

“Often, what the rational mind fails to grasp, the instinct does.”

“Our perspectives are defined by our experiences. Our expectations are a cumulative result of what we know. Ours is a blinkered vision of the cosmos.”

“Civilizations birth; small human settlements crop up; the civilization grows and flourishes. Then the civilization breaks into a nuclear war and annihilates itself. Land becomes barren; river trickles and finally disappears. The cycle of the rise and fall of civilizations is set into motion. From the cosmic perspective this drama that unfolded is but transitory; a peck in the immensity of time and space.”

Eagerly looking forward to the second book in the trilogy of The Womb Of Brahma.