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Book Review: Moin The Monster Songster

Monster!! A name that will move the child’s hand automatically towards the book on the shelf…Which  curious being wouldn’t like to delve into innocent monstrous stuff! Think from the child’s point of view. A very smart name for the book. It seems the author Anushka Ravishankar has caught the right note where the children’s curiosity is concerned.

So the child has already chosen that book from the mountain of books before him…
Battle is half won 🙂buzzingbooks
Now let’s see whether he gets motivated enough to peep inside the book. So the child starts flipping between the pages and he gets booknapped …literally caught between the pages of the book!

This book is about Moin and his monster friend and it revolves around the funny anecdotes of their adventures. A monster with a jester’s heart! He wants purple toe nails, he wants to flatten himself into any shape…. and lots more of such weird wishes popping out from the monster’s mind. This monster is a great pal of Moin…and after reading this book every child would dream of having a monster pal. This monster seems to play by the rule book!

Buzzingbooks 1
Monster Rule No.197 – There is no such thing as work
Monster Rule No.7 – A monster can eat anything he likes

So don’t be surprised if your child throws up such rules on your face…well but you are his parent… You can always outsmart him. So I would advice you too to read this book and take my word for it…you will be rolling with laughter! And you can always the comb the book for smart and convenient Monster Rules like

‘Monsters cannot lie’ or ‘Monsters cannot make rules’ 😉

Well, did I mention that this laugh-out-loud book is a sequel  to Moin and the Monster. So now you can get your kid read 2 books at a go! And he will get hooked to reading! Believe me!

Kudos to the author Anushka Ravishankar for an amazingly written book. It really catches the fantasy of the child and transports him to a world of innocent amusement.

Age Recommendation-  6 years and above