About Us

Buzzing Books a.k.a BB is an online book rental service, especially designed for children from toddlers to teens to enrich their reading experience. To cut it short, it is a CHILDREN'S LIBRARY, first of its kind in NOIDA!!

In fact, it is more than a standard library. Here at BB;

We do not have bookshelves overflowing with books

We strongly believe that QUALITY matters more than QUANTITY. Thus we have stringently selected some thousands of books based upon worldwide reviews and recommendations from readers, teachers, librarians, parents and educationists. After all, your child is giving his precious time to read books; why give him run of the mill or just anything when there are quality books available.

We do not just leave you alone to browse the books

BB understands that as parents, you may be confused or feel at loss while selecting the right books for your child. Keeping this in mind, we have categorized the books according to age, wherein each book is designated a ‘recommended age group’. This is to make your job easier while browsing or searching the books. Not only this, all the books are separated according to different themes, to guide you at each step of browsing.

We don’t treat you only as customers

Because you are more than just a customer; you are a privileged family member of BB. And thus we would love to involve you with our activities and functioning. Very soon we’ll be coming up with some funky plans wherein your child can involve himself more with books:

  • »  First hand reviews and rating of books by you and by your kid!
  • »  Write up books/poems/drawing related to books, book characters, authors!!
  • »  Story telling sessions!!

Also, we would be thrilled to hear from you (buzz@buzzingbooks.com), if you want to share fascinating ideas to make BB more interactive among readers. We want your kid to not just read books but also live books, breathe books, talk books, think books, and maybe someday write his/her own BOOK!!

Please go to how_it_works">"How it Works" and plans_and_pricing">"Plans and Pricing" for further details.