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Read n Review Contest- Second Winner

Please put your hands together for the 2nd winner of READ n REVIEW contest hosted by BuzzingBooksLAVANYA SHARMA, a class 7th student of Green Valley High School, Vadodara, Gujarat. Lavanya has written a nicely organised, childlike review of ‘Curse of the Cheese Pyramid’, authored by Geronimo Stilton. Here goes the book review written by Lavanya:

Who is Geronimo Stilton: He runs a newspaper, but his true passion is writing adventure stories. There in the New Mouse City, the capital of Mouse island, his books are the best sellers. His stories are Fa-mousely-funny. They’re whisker-licking-good tales, and that’s a promise. Cheese Pyramid
Review: His uncle, is a disaster in the Rodent’s Gazzette office. First he sells of all the office furniture and then fires all the rodents working in the office and decides that Stiltons will do all the work instead of all the correspondents. All comes upon the shoulders of Geronimo, but then suddenly uncle decides that Geronimo will go and interview a famous personality. It was a dream come true- he was off to Egypt to interview a famous archaeologist. He climbs a crabby old camel that would take him across the desert to Cheese Pyramid. But he discovers that it is not as good as he thought. There, among the mummies and hieroglyphs, he would learn the secrets of the Seven Wonders of the Mouse World….
How did you find it: I was once exploring a library in Delhi and came across one of these books and bought it. I liked it so much that I started searching it everywhere I could possibly search. I discovered that it was available in our school library. When I searched I came across a set of these books and issued this one.
What you liked about it: The characters and the adventures are very funny. And especially the fonts and different writing styles are really good. It doesn’t let anyone get bored.”

Well done Lavanya Sharma! You have clarity of thoughts which is a pre-requisite for writing. Wishing you all the best for the future 🙂

Read n Review Contest- First Winner

Please put your hands together for the 1st winner of READ n REVIEW contest hosted by BuzzingBooks —SAJAL GIRDHAR, a class 8th student of Titiksha Public School, New Delhi. Sajal has written a precise and beautiful review of Sahyadri Adventure: Anirudh’s Dream, authored by Deepak Dalal. Here goes the book review written by Sajal:

“Deepak’s writing is very visual, and is infused with a dose of history and culture of 1850’s. The book is certainly well researched and this comes across in Deepak’s gripping narrative. The reader will be awed reading about how Bombay was in the 1850’s – in its heartland there were forests where panthers roamed, the sea flooded the channels that separated the seven islaAnirudh's Dreamnds.

Vikram and Aditya the key protagonists in Deepak’s previous novels (Ranthambore Adventures, Ladakh Adventures etc.), with Chitra are joined by Anirudh in this adventure in the Sahyadris.

The Novel starts off at a slow pace, where Deepak introduces you to the characters. The young protagonists go sailing in the rapids and begin a trek to the Sahyadris with the mysterious Salim .The dialogues reflect the banter of adolescent lives today. The biggest takeaway is the message in the novel – a group of Muslim, Hindu, Christian and Parsi boys taking on the might of our former Imperial masters.

A fact, which we suckers for material desires and lifestyle of the west, in a fight to survive and thrive, in the India divided by caste, religion and vote bank policies, must not forget in a hurry.

As he writes with refreshing candour. His writing reflects a love for nature and a spirit of adventure. Importantly, he tries to do all of his with stories set in  the India, with Indian characters, which makes his books all the more special, being his dream of offering Indian children stories about their own people, in our beautiful country.   “

Well done Sajal Girdhar! You have a great talent for writing. Wishing you all the best for the future 🙂


Read n Review Contest

This is a long pending post. We had the READ n REVIEW contest at BuzzingBooks earlier this year, where we had a multitude of entries by children. We were overwhelmed with the response. The children wrote about their favourite books; all the reviews were simply awesome, and the choice of books especially by some of the students of Titiksha Public School, New Delhi was class apart. We had to choose the best 3 entries out of the lot and believe me THAT was the most difficult part!

Please put your hands together for our 3 winners: Prizes

  • SAJAL GIRDHAR (New Delhi),
  • LAVANYA SHARMA (Vadodara),

We would once again mention that all the book reviews we received were simply superb……. CONGRATULATIONS to all the contestants for putting in their sincere efforts and best wishes to all the budding writers 🙂

Thanks a lot to Tara Books and Pratham Books for sponsoring the prizes.

We are going to publish the book reviews by the three winners very soon. Also we will try to publish other entries too from time to time. Stay tuned!