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RobinAge Weekly Children’s Newspaper

How would you feel if you have to go without a newspaper for a complete month? No e-news too! Wouldn’t you get a wee bit disconcerted? Wouldn’t you crave for news bites? Well, the same goes for your children too! Wouldn’t they like to have a newspaper of their own, customised to their age specially, where they can read the latest news and buzz around the world.

Well, the good news is that there is one already available……

Here comes ROBINAGE, a popular, colourful, fascinating, addicting, good quality, weekly newspaper loved by thousands of children around the country.

Following are some factual tit-bits about ROBINAGE:

Readership: 70,000RobinAge

Presence: 530 libraries, 1,855 schools

Content: Current affairs, school subjects, contests, games, puzzles

Core Target Audience: 4 to 15 years

Secondary Target Audience: Parents and teachers

Available In: Primary Sectors: Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru; Secondary Sectors: Maharashtra, Gujarat, Delhi, Chennai

Distributed Through: Subscriptions to homes and schools, newspaper vendors, bookstores, digital edition

Online Presence: RobinAge website www.robinage.com , Facebook and Twitter with 25,000 plus visitors per month

School Contact Programmes: Mumbai




RobinAge is a recipient of:

The 2012 Parents’ Choice Silver Honor (USA), The 2011 Parents’ Choice Recommended Award (USA), The 2010 Parents’ Choice Approved Award (USA)

My 8 year old daughter is totally hooked to ROBINAGE 🙂

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